We Share Experience

Established in 2008, DME Manufacturing has been supplying replacement Solenoid Coils & Hydraulic Valves for the Meyer E46, E47, E57, & E60 Hydraulic Manifolds (Pumps) for over 10 years. DME Mfg does not just sell parts, we share experience. Our personnel have had hands on the Meyer product line for 40+ years and know the complete history of the hydraulic system and its progressive changes.

Because of a mutual business relationship with the manufactures of the Valves and Solenoid Coils we are able to offer the most competitive prices. Whether you are repairing your snow plow or rebuilding and repairing pumps, purchasing from DME Mfg will be to your benefit.

DME is not a full service supplier of Meyer Parts. We focus on what we know and understand. We also supply Solenoid coils for Western, Fisher, and Boss Hydraulic Systems.

Legal Disclaimer

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