DME Manufacturing Meyer B Valve, 15698, for E47, E57, E60 Pumps, Aftermkt, Optional 18-8 Stainless Steel Nut & Lock Washer Included

SKU: 8-59426-00705-2
Price: $55.00

B VALVE for Meyer E47, E57, or E60 Pumps. This is a Brand New Valve. It is the same as those now sold in Blister Packs. They are made by the same manufacturer. The Valve Tube is 1/4" Longer than the original Valve which is no longer manufactured. Therefore, the bottom of the Coil sets 1/4" higher off the Pump Manifold. This does not affect the function of the Valve.

  • The Valve is in the Original Plastic Bag as it comes off the Manufacturing Test Stand. No Additional Handling. Direct to you.
  • Optional 18-8 Stainless Steel Nut & Lock Washer Included.
  • Valve is made in the USA and meets all OEM specifications.
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